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Helen Ziegler & Associates, Inc.
2403 - 180 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada

Phone: 1-416-977-6941 (in Toronto and outside North America)
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Helen Ziegler & Associates, Inc. specializes in the recruitment of healthcare staff for hospitals in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait.

2013 marks our 32nd year in business! We have successfully recruited more than 7,500 North American healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technologists, therapists, administrators, for major international hospitals.

If you are thinking about going abroad:

Why should you choose us as your recruitment company? There are many reasons:

•We have a lot of experience. Over the past 30+ years, the more than 7,500 people we have recruited include hospital CEOs, nursing executives, medical directors, physicians, registered nurses, technologists, therapists, IT professionals, hospital engineers, and many, many more.

•Our staff includes individuals who have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia. And since the Arabian Peninsula is a place of ongoing development and change, our staff stays up-to-date by making regular visits to our client hospitals.

•We have worked with, or are working with, most of the American standard hospitals in the Arabian Peninsula.

•We have a reputation for giving trustworthy information, for being methodical and organized, for being accessible, and for answering even the most detailed or unusual questions.

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