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Registered Mental Nurse (RMN)


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Nursing and Support Staff

VKL specialise in the supply of Registered Nurses (RMN/RGN/RNLD) and Healthcare Assistants for placements in public and private healthcare organisations.

Our responsibilities to patients, clients and nursing staff are important to us. Every care is taken to ensure that the highest standards are met in the recruitment, training, management and booking of agency staff.

When we select staff for the assignment, we will seek to meet any preferences you may have – such as for staff who have worked with your organisation in the past to ensure continuity of care.

We work closely with clients and service users to maintain and continuously improve standards.


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Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

 To liaise effectively with members of the multi-disciplinary team on all aspects of the patient’s care and treatment.
 You must recognise and respect the role of patients and client as partners in their care and the contribution they can make to it. This involves identifying their preferences regarding care and respecting these within the limits of professional practice, existing legislation, resources and the goals of the therapeutic relationship.
 To ensure good standards of nursing care are maintained at all times.
 You must, at all times maintain appropriate professional boundaries in the relationships you have with patients and clients. You must ensure that all aspects of the relationship focus exclusively upon the needs of the patient or client.
 You must communicate effectively and share your knowledge, skill and expertise with other members of the team as required for the benefit of patients and clients.
 You must treat information about patients and clients as confidential and use it only for the purposes for which it was given.
As it is impractical to obtain consent every time you need to share information with others, you should ensure that patients and clients understand that some information may be made available to other members of the team involved in the delivery of care.

You must guard against breeches of confidentiality by protecting information from improper disclosure at all times.

 To be conversant with the Mental Health Act 1983 and nursing responsibilities within the Act.
 To liaise and communicate effectively with relatives, carers, statutory and voluntary agencies.  To organise admission, transfer and discharge of patients according to Directorate and Trust policies.  You must refuse any gift, favour or hospitality that might be interpreted, now or in the future, as an attempt to obtain preferential consideration.
 You must neither ask for nor accept loans from patients, clients or their relatives and friends.
 You must act quickly to protect patients and clients from risk if you have good reason to believe that you or a colleague, from your own or another profession, may not be fit to practise for reasons of conduct, health or competence. You should be aware of the terms of legislation that offer protection for people who raise concerns about health and safety issues.
 To conduct a professional manner between yourself and client, e.g. no exchanging of telephone numbers, no outside contact, this could lead to a dismissal from the agency.

 You are personally accountable for your practice. This means that you are answerable for your actions and omissions, regardless of advice or directions from another professional.
 You must adhere to the laws of the country in which you are practising.
 To participate in supervision and staff appraisal (working full-time with our agency).

Additional Information 
 All duties will be carried out in accordance with VKL’s policies and procedures
 VKL Nursing, Health & Social Care Training Centre is an equal opportunities employer and you will be expected to comply with our equal opportunities policy and procedures.

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VKL Nursing Agency & Patient Transport
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