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Grade/Band: 1 & 2
Accountable to: VKL Registered Manager

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The role of the healthcare assistant is to work alongside a registered nurse in supporting them to provide quality care to all patients at all times.

You are responsible for your own actions when carrying out your duties. Report to the nurse-in-charge at all times and the safety of the patient is paramount. 

Job Requirements:

Summary of Duties/Responsibilities
 To be aware of and meet the needs of the clients as specified in the care plans and as directed by the Named Nurse/Nurse in Charge of the shift
 To actively participate in and /or initiate on clients’ activities and actively encourage clients to attend activity programmes
 To liaise effectively with other professionals and significant others involved in clients care, ensuring an integrated patterns of service delivery
 To recognise and promote client individually taking into account their wishes while delivering care
 To develop good working relationships and rapport with clients in the context of the Associate Nurse’s role
 To monitor the mental health and social circumstances of clients to ensure that they are maintained at an adequate level and to feedback observations to other team members
 To observe and report to the nurse in Charge/Named Nurse any changes in the clients’ condition and for this information to be entered in the clients records. Must be countersigned by a qualified nurse.
 To assist in the review of clients Care Plans and to make suggestions about aspects of the clients care planning. Contracted H.C.A.’s only
 To undertake supervision and escorts of clients, as delegated by the Nurse-in-charge in accordance with Trust Policy and Procedures
 To maintain good relations with clients, carers, and visitors to the unit, referring them to the Nurse in Charge for any queries they may have in relation to the clients’ condition
 To seek assistance and guidance from senior staff when necessary
 To understand, keep abreast and comply with all Trust and Local Policies and Procedures
 To attend and participate in relevant business meetings and clinical meetings. Only contracted H.C.A.’s only
 To report to the Nurse-in-Charge any concerns regarding unit cleanliness and general maintenance in line with the Health and Safety requirements
 To report accidents, untoward incidents and complaints to senior staff promptly
 To be prepared to attend educative workshops and other courses which are available
 To receive supervision in order to enhance and consolidate an understanding of the client group and to develop nursing skills
 To conduct a professional manner between yourself and client, i.e. no exchanging of telephone numbers, no outside contact, this could lead to a dismissal form the agency
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VKL Nursing Agency & Patient Transport
Studio2000, 5 Elstree Way,
Borehamwood, JY, United Kingdom

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